Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chloe Harris - The Heathers

Chloe - The Heathers

01. Dubtractor - Hum PT 2 [Hobby Industries]
02. Duck Feet - Textures (Duck Remix) [Contexto]
03. .tape. - Lo Pencil (The Village Orchestra Remix) [spa.RK]
04. Marcel Dettmann - Clime [Marcel Dettmann Records]
05. The Ventriloquist - Amb.2 [Persistencebit]
06. Moso - Black Lodge (PT 4) [Spaceport Records]
07. Fine Cut Bodies - Breaver Blink (Ooah Remix) [Chi Recordings]
08. Paul Kalkbrenner - Queer Fellow [Bpitch Control]
09. Beatkonexion - Guit [Drizzly Records]
10. Fusion Art - Discover [Apparition Recordings]
11. Shigeto - Everygreen [Mood Gadget Records]
12. Ion Driver - Sio [Digital Distortions]
13. Duck Feet - Paisaje [Contexto]
14. Fraction - Supermarket Of Soul [Infine Music]

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SCD - At Long Last

1) krill.minima - Sommerdellen
2) Alias & Ehren - Blurry Edges
3) Helios - Civilized World
4) Bela Banhagyi - Existence Parts 1-3
5) The Fun Years - With Magic by Combinatorics
6) Helios - Coalescence
7) Keepalive - Acetone
8) Anders Ilar - Ludwijka 8
9) krill.minima - Einsiedelstein
10) Helios (f. Hollie Kenniff) - Refraction
11) Fila Brazillia - Subtle Body


Friday, October 17, 2008

OMFG Serato and Ableton to form CREATIVE PARTNERSHIP!

well it seems someone else got the memo.


im so excited. im finally going to be able to do what i want with ableton! there has been tons of people who made their own vinyl control, but now its going to be to a set standard!

this is big news for the dj community. spread it.

Blue Sky = awesome

Blue Sky studio monitors have been installed in Key Code's facilities for the use of the AFI (american film institute). i've been using blue skys for almost a year now and i must say, they are amazing... and some of the best customer service i've ever experienced!

This is the system for the AFI install

and this is what i use!

and this is what i want!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Did anyone else miss this Vestax guitar turntable thing?!

Uh... how did i miss this? its a cd-turntable, guitar style, designed for live performance. there will only be 20 made ever, and therefore requires special order. has the dirt but im still complete in awe that i missed this. it looks like a LOT of fun... can't wait to see who shows up with it on stage!

Traktor goes "PRO"... whatever that means

So im pretty sure this is an old screen of traktor, but whatever. NI is updating traktor. there are 20 new effects. and they were built in reaktor. can you say, "OMG PLZ NOW KTHX!" with this i think traktor might be on par a bit with ableton for djing. i mean, it still doesn't have the abilities of ableton, but at least we're going to have way more fun playing with it! thank you NI for ruling all kinds of ass!

this just in: Pioneer makes good heaphones!

well look at that. pioneer got their head out of their asses and actually made some headphones djs should care about. not only are they looking to be solid dj headphones, they are also geared towards studio use with a flat frequency response. they look at bit bulky and heavy, but im sure kick ass. thank you pioneer for thinking of the djs!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

update on the rough rider

actually been using this on my tracks and holy crap. this is one of my favorite compressors, it can make anything snap like a mofo. and the sensitivity knob is just miles more intuitive than the threshold concept. i compress better thanks to this thing. just thought i'd let you guys know!

Dave Smith's Mopho

i really haven't liked much of dave smith's stuff. i worked at gc and got to play with both the prophet and the poly evolver. dreadfully complicated things without the screen size to back it up. this thing looks plenty fine for the itty bitty screen. and it has a nifty "push it" button that i have no idea what it does. there are some videos up on their site and its only 400 buckaroos.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

ever wanted the djm800 filter knobs in ableton?

Tarekith has produced a nifty little effect rack for ableton that gives you the one knob high/low pass filter combo found on the djm800. very useful for switching filters with out causing that drop out that switching filter types in the auto filter usually causes.

you will have to register with the forum... but its worth it. tons of goodies and nonsense found inside.

Pro Tools 8

so pro tools 8 is on its way. expect it to finally compete with cubase and ableton in the dance music arena. they've added a bunch of stuff to make it super neat (incl. instruments/effects, elastic audio...). seems like someone at digi got the memo. pretty sure the install process will still make you want to tear your eyes out with a spork.