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Friday, December 18, 2009


Check out these photos and press from Locodice this previous weekend!

Chloe hosted a wonderful night at the See Sound Lounge, Locodice ripped it up (according to Chloe!). Check out the photos and the write up!

B-Sides from Jaos!

Jaos on B-Sides


Anthony Rother - Elixir of Life - Part 3
Zen Noise - Le Hazard (Reconstruction)
Moby - Heaven
Plastikman - Plasticine
Mathias Grasow - Himalaya
Autechre - Vletrmx21
Tom Heasley - Solitude
Cocteau Twins - Donimo
Electric Bird Noise - Lazy Tumbleweeds
Ride - Today
Passarani - Reut-RC
Passarani - V-Tek
Aphex Twin - Shiny Metal Rods
Aes Dana - Shouting Valley
Biosphere - Sphere of no-form
Anonymous Bell Ringers
Rapoon - Not the Time
Aphex Twin - (CD only track #1) - (Analogue Bubblebath 3)
Aphex Twin - (CAT 00987-A1) - (Analogue Bubblebath 3)
Dead Can Dance - The host of Seraphim
Heavenly Music Corporation - Nautilus
Gridlock - Under
Liquid Zen - Forever Infinity


Very wonderful spacey mix... i especially love the ending. Don't miss!

Further 04 - Lerosa - Dual Nature

Lerosa - Dual Nature


dixon jar
5 petals
dual nature
illness 2
common thief
ohne pt.2

60 minute album hand-recorded to TDK studio mastering cassette using vintage 1970's Nakamichi tape technology.

Released Dec-09 via Furtherrecordsinfo at gmail dot com
Also can be found at Further on Bandcamp
And at discogs: Further 05 on discogs

an au revoir simone remix i think you should hear

a bsides for sure...

Au Revoir Simone - Take Me As I Am - Max Cooper Remix by Max Cooper

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Chloe's B-day, 2009!

No Track listing for this one, but holy crap is there some fun music in here. Enjoy this special morsel from the Queen of B-Sides!

Chloe's Mix for Perspectives/Proton Radio

Sometimes you think you know someone, and then they come back and suprise you. again. Bravo Chloe, bravo!

01. Sven Weisemann - Slice (Boris Hotton Remix)
02. Tony Malone & Waltek - Stage 1
03. Butch - Tic Tac Get Up
04. Matheo Velez - Shared (Juan Kue Against Face Mix)
05. Will Saul & Tam Cooper - Sequential Circuits (Gui Borratto) [Edit]
06. Krummstoff - Winterflow (Fabien Kamb Remix)
07. Pol On - Omorp (Catz n Dogz Remix)
08. Joe Fisher - The Second Life To Mr Wrong (2 Robots Remix)
09. Hermanez - Soliel
10. Rodrigo Carreriera - Metaphysic
11. Mladen Petrovic - Coda (Budai & Vic Remix)
12. Alex Font & Lee Garrett - Fuck Traffic (Liex Samu Remix)
13. Trandel - True Desire (Tan Atalar Remix)
14. Lea D - Unique
15. Canard - Language

Monday, November 9, 2009

scd - beautiful sea of Two

B-Sides November 9 2009 on

SCD - a beautiful sea of Two

1. Chubby Wolf - Annell This Chord of Bliss
2. Loscil - Zephyr (live)
3. Loscil - Umbra (live)
4. PhantomChannel - Bleeding Riverbed
5. moskitoo - terrier
6. We all inherit the moon - We all inherit the moon Part IV
7. the tumbled sea - may
8. explosions in the sky - unknown (live)
9. kite - we don't sell this dress
10. kite - perfect world
11. Strange lights and ornaments - Have You Lost Your Name?
12. the tumbled sea - children building this rainman out of snow

Friday, November 6, 2009

Electronic Creatives Presents: Ableton Master Class in San Francisco

hey guys, a bit of spam, NOT! go to this if you're in the bay area, should be QUITE eye opening. its going to be intense and NOT SHITTY!!!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Xone:XD at Allen and Heath

looks like allen and heath were hard at work. amazing quality i expect out of this one, 20 channels of I/O!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chloe Harris - Comfortable Underground Guest Mix!

Chloe just has all these mixes and they keep coming out and you'd better freaking listen cause this stuff is sick!

Chloe Harris - Comfortable Underground Guest Mix

01. Fer Ferrari - In The Way (Mute Remix)
02. Jim Rivers - By Any Means (Paul Lorraine By Every Means Remix)
03. TonkProject - Forever (Daniel Kyo Remix)
04. Recruit - Different Someone
05. Keith Thompson and Mariallieva - Truly (Franck G Remix)
06. Wow Out West - Only Love (Tejada Dub)
07. Gamma Rose - Splash Cash
08. Santiago Garcia - Cuakcoland
09. Liz Cirelli - Cephied (Chloe Harris Remix)
10. Leonardo Tou - Zias
11. ? - Sonic Sky
12. Limacon - Electro Meds (Molecule's Riesgo A Nada)
13. Li-Polymer - Cruising Speed

i really dig this mix!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

214 live from Bonkers!

214 live from Bonkers!

dj set that chloe found amazing. check it out! leave comments if you're a soundcloud user!

Chloe Harris Guest Mix for Kiss FM in AU!

enjoy this piece of genius. i really dig the second half.

Chloe Harris Guest Mix on Kiss FM Australia

p.s. here's the track list!

01. alex dimou - zaf (nefilim)
02. sebastian davidson - sunday morning
03. intensitive - okko (urban absolutes dub)
04. demarkis lewis - the maze (deez tech n groove dub)
05. hugo barritt - follow up
06. fabien kamb - rotation (jp jones remix)
07. krummstoff - impressa
08. astraglide - far away dub
09. casanova - dreams in blue (nick stoynoff remix)
10. riktam bansi - bass manster zorro (jerome isma ae remix)
11. daniele papini - hidden source
12. rodriguez jr - pandora

burial + four tet - wolf cub

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Apple Logic 9

Apple's updated DAW just came out, check it at
Apple's official page!

they've added a few new cool things and upgraded mainstage to something that is worthwhile, with support for rewire! (yay ableton!)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Further Records Debut!

OK people! The wait is finally over! Further records is a GO! First up is Dennis White's brand new tracks with amazing remixes by Chloe Harris/Andrew Cox and Carlos F!

This is quite the release with diversity in every part. Amazing heady progressive techno with that shoegaze influence sprinkles all over Dennis' original works, all with a laid back atmosphere! Chloe and Andrew Cox's remix is a big room prog tech trance something or other with a harder edge and a smooth style (my favorite!). Rounding out the selection is Carlos F's super laid back, chillllllllll ass remix that takes things deeper and more housey, look for this to hit some charts!

as always check beatport for the release or click on this link!

Further Records on Beatport!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Vinny B. - Where the Wild Things Are

new set on last weeks b-sides :) fun stuff, dubstep/glitch hop/techno/tech house, lots of stuff, enjoy :)

Vinny B. - Where the Wild Things Are

1. Touane - Bill - Persona
2. Dima - Moonolog - Bar25
3. Kreon - Tromarasou - Resopal Red
4. Danny Bonnici - The Vessel - Lobotomy Recordings
5. Oliver Koletzki - Since You Are Gone - Still Vor Talent
6. Munk - The Rat Race (Surismo Remix) - Gomma
7. Lee Mortimer - Putto - Dubsided
8. Scotty Coats, Wes the Mes - Double Fisted (Prins Thomas Disko Miks) - Rong DFA
9. Sukh Knight - Diesal Not Petrol - True Tiger
10. Gorge - Kassiande (Marc Romboy Remix) - Freerange Records
11. Jan Driver - Rat Alert (Dub Mix) - Made to Play
12. Modeselektor - Godspeed - Bpitch Control
13. Paul Ritch - Split - Quartz Rec
14. Jan Driver - Rat Alert - Made To Play
15. Astronovo, DJ Zombi - Anything You Want (Miki Litvak, Ido Ophir Remix) - Sprout
16. Black Lips - Veni Vidi Vici (Diplo Remix) - Big Dada
17. Black Lips - Veni Vidi Vici (Diplo Remix) (Something Wicked Remix) - Unreleased
18. Pinch - Joyride - Tectonic
19. Par Grindvik - Drift (inspirations Take I & II) - Stockholm LTD
20. Ben Goodwin - In An Odd Wave - Minimal and Melodies Music
21. Koczian - Wild Big Synthesiser - Minimal and Melodies Music

Monday, April 6, 2009

Chloe and Voyager Live from WMC!!!

Here's a special WMC download from Voyager and Chloe playing live for Proton Sessions at Love Hate in Miami.

Voyager was on effects while Chloe on decks.

Chloe Harris and Voyager - Live from Proton Sessions WMC'09

Chloe has been working hard on the B-Sides comp and its almost done. :) lots of new music is finished as well!

Upcoming tracks from Chloe

Matt Rowan & Robbie Low - Swell (Chloe Harris Remix) [Proton]
- there's also a special deep dub created special for the comp :)

Alex Dolby - Polarity (Chloe Harris & Andrew Cox Remix) [Maktub] - as charted by Hernan Cattaneo for April. You can hear this on my music

and don't forget! Further Radio on Proton!

Next guest is Andrew Cox this Wednesday April 8th.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Robots. on your doorstep. and they have drum machines.

A laboratory robot called Adam has been hailed as the first machine in history to have discovered new scientific knowledge independently of its human creators.

Adam formed a hypothesis on the genetics of bakers’ yeast and carried out experiments to test its predictions, without intervention from its makers at Aberystwyth University.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chris Meadows - They Don't Make Them Like They Used To

Grab this breakbeat mix from Chris featuring some great tracks from a few years back :)


01 : Icehouse - Don't Believe Anymore (Ivan Gough & Colin Snape Remix) - Warner
02 : Sean Cusick & Medway - Columns of Clouds - Saw
03 : Digital Witchraft - Brindavan - Opek
04 : Ozgur Can & Rouzbeh Delavari - Eternity - 3Beat Breaks
05 : Mortar & Pestle - Itsachickthing (Luke Chable Remix) - Heavy Rotation
06 : Sasha - Fundamental - BMG
07 : Phil K & Habersham - They Just Won't Let Me Be - Institution
08 : Infusion - Legacy (Junkie XL Remix) - Audio Therapy
09 : Luke Chable - Melburn - Bedrock Breaks
10 : Marcruiser & Andy Page - Elementalelectrofunk feat. George Clinton - Barely There
11 : Derek Howell - So I Wrote - Unknown
12 : Luke Chable - Sealer's Cove (Midnight in Cyberfunk Remix) - Zero Tolerance
13 : Paul Oakenfold - Ready, Steady, Go (PMT Remix) - Perfecto
14 : Starkid - Crayons (Habersham & Numinous Remix) - Unreleased
15 : Habersham & Numinous - Leaving Tifton (Digital Witchcraft Remix) - Blueprint
16 : Pat Foosheen - The Unthinkable (Habersham's Maaaaahsiive Remix) - Institution

Monday, March 9, 2009

Jason Jollins - Live from Pucon, Chile - February 2009 Prt 3


Part 3:

01. Sam Ball - Weirdo - i-FI Music
02. Marcelo Vasami - Amazing Dreams (Kassey Voorn Remix) - BIT Records Mexico
03. Drumma - Predator (Milton Channels Pulsar Remix) - Avenue Recordings
04. Jaytech - Sundance - Anjunadeep
05. Kismet - Borderline - Pilot 6 Recordings
06. Kim Fai - Excuses - Leaders of the New School
07. Timmy & Tommy - Full Tiltin (Joint Operations Centre Remix) - Full Tilt Recordings
08. Marcel Woods - Musical Madness (Take One) - High Contrast Recordings
09. DJ Preach - Joomla - Boom Tsjak
10. Patrik Carrera - Finelines (Polaroidgirl Stripped Back Mix) - Couture

Jason Jollins - Live from Pucon, Chile - February 2009 Prt 1


Part 1:

01. Dpen - Maybe Not - PyCairo
02. Daniela Stickroth - Chest in the Attic - Meerestief
03. Paul Thomas & Myke Smith - The Grudge (Fine Taste Remix) - Baroque Limited
04. Juill & 3Some - Mariposas - PyCairo
05. Chris Cargo - Timeshifter - Radio with Pictures
06. Overplay - Dive Through - San Records
07. Gorge - Katchuli - Plastic City
08. Tomcraft - Bavarian Storm - Craft Music
09. Urban Breathe - Great Floor - Morrison Recordings

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Little White Earbuds blog | Echospace

Little White Earbuds on Echospace

Check out the blog "Little White Earbuds" ... In the link above they, feature an interview and an excellent set from Echospace. Any fan of B-Sides will love this set... also, check out their blog, quality!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Nathan Fake - B-Sides mix


Here is the first installment of the B-Sides archives. B-Sides has had some fantastic guests over the many years of the show, and we are going back in time to offer some great mixes to you :)

Nathan was kind enough to do a mix for B-Sides back in July of 2004. The tracklist has escaped from my possession, if you have it, feel free to post it in the comments!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kevin Hoole - 090206

Download Kevin's mix Here!

01 The Young Gods - Untitled (4) [cdr]
02 Anduin - Makepiece In Pieces ((Anduin Mix)) [SMTG Limited]
03 Library Tapes - ...But Now Things Were Different, With Birds Unable To Speak [Resonant]
04 Pan•American - Dr. Robert Goddard [Kranky]
05 The Fun Years - Tonight We Are Playing At 48bpm [cdr]
06 Tarentel - Latency A [En/Of]
07 A Setting Sun & Shigeto - Girls And Boys Want Boyfriends And Girlfriends [Moodgadget]
08 Rafael Anton Isisarri - Hopes And Past Desires [Immune]
09 Valet - Drum Movie [Kranky]
10 Tape - Oak Player [H├Ąpna]
11 Mountains - Below [Apestaartje]
12 Library Tapes - Feelings For Something Lost In Two Parts (Pt. 2) [Resonant]
13 Giuseppe Ielasi - Untitled (9) [12k]
14 Bronnt Industries Kapital - The Arrest Of Maria The Weaver [Static Caravan]

Monday, February 9, 2009

Aural Imbalance - B-Sides Mix 2009

Aural Imbalance dl

Ai has a long history of making atmospheric music. from d and b to deep house he keeps things simple and groovy.


01 Real Imaginary - Aural Imbalance (Within 9)
02 Nineteen 77 - Aural Imbalance (Within 8)
03 Look Forward - Aural Imbalance
04 Redemption - Fallen Angel "idforma On Remix" (Embarcadero Records)
05 Drift Would? - Idforma
06 Nightsuit - Aural Imbalance (Others Digital)
07 Disque - Aural Imbalance
08 2k9 - Subs & Mykron
09 Jetstream - Idforma

cjb - downtempo mix

Downtempo Mix from ctb!!

Lovely downtempo mix from Carwyn :)

Vangelis - Main Titles (From "Bladerunner")
Illinton - New Dreams (Chillout Beats)
Depeche Mode - Useless (Kruder & Dorfmeister)
Sasha - Baja
Moby - Go (Jam & Spoon In Dub mix)
Leftfield - Melt
Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene (Part VI)
The Shamen - Heal (The Separation) (Steve Osbourne Ambient 12)
International Observer - Now A Major Motion Picture

Chloe Harris - January Mix

Chloe Harris - January Mix

New mix from Chloe aired on Global Vibes Kiss FM Greece and also aired on Therapy Sessions...

01. Artette - That Night [Minimal And Melodies Music]
02. Sandra Lima - Higher (Jon Silvas Clap Clap Instrumental RR Edit) [Sick Watona]
03. Sebastian Cariga - Breathe Deeper
04. Sebastian Cariga - Breathe Deeper (Chibale’s Diggin Deep Mix)
05. Sasse - Break Up (Timewriter ‘Droid Up’ Mix) [Moodmusic]
06. The Engineer’s - To Back
07. Tiger Stripes & Audiofly - Hundra [Get Physical]
08. Pedramovich - Burka (alex Niggemann Remix) [Supernature]
09. Christian Smith & John Selway - Move! (Dimitri Nakov & Gabe & Ritkam Mix) [Tronic]
10. Josel & Pedro - Sapphire (Logiztik Sounds & Mauricio Duarte Remix) [Polytechnic]
11. Tim Davison - Patrol (Kasey Taylor Mix) [Vapour]
12. Christian Fischer - Lightener (Spektre’s Dark Light Remix) [Takt]
13. Vosk - I Miss U (Poision Pro Deep Dub Remix) [Moontribal]

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Adam - Tranquil Sleep

Another great downtempo mix from Mr. Adam :)

01 Lykke Li - Melodies Desires
02 Future Sound Of London - Yage
03 David Helpling And John Jenkins - Beyond Wonder
04 Max Sedgley - Slowly
05 Bjork - Possibly Maybe
06 Everything But The Girl - Single (Brad Wood Remix)
07 Grey Area - Slowly
08 Nils Petter Molvaer - Little Indian (Bugge W)
09 Nils Petter Molvaer - Little Indian (Original)
10 Natalie Walker - Right Here
11 Brian Eno - The Secret Place
12 David Helpling and John Jenkins – The Knowing

Download Here!

Nick Williams - head in the clouds

Check out this new mix from one of b-sides fav's Nick Williams :)

01. gamat 3000 - structures [dessous]
02. lusine - auto pilot (deru remix) [ghostly international]
03. chadwick strange - idle [omnis chill]
04. diadem - mel [dessous]
05. alejandro mosso - bcn [lomidhigh organic]
06. ghost pirates - reclaiming the ship [dope recordings]
07. regen - duege [ilian tape]
08. stewart walker - days before rebirth [persona recordings]
09. move d - silk dub [compost]
10. kabale und liebe & daniel sanchez - mumbling yeah [remote area]
11. pablo bolivar - just perfect landscapes [regular]
12. das kraftfuttermischwerk - give it to me slow [thinner]
13. pulshar - no meditation (pablo bolivar remix) [phonobox]

Dowload Nick's mix here!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


so click the link to get a video of ableton's new features. lookin pretty sweeeeeeeet. personally, i cannot wait for the apc40 from akai!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Live set from Chloe @ the Sullivan Room!

Here is Chloe Harris, Live from the Sullivan Room! Enjoy!

Chloe Harris - Live from the Sullivan Room

B-Sides is mooooooving to a new time slot on proton!

10am - 12pm EST is the new time for Chloe's B-Sides show on proton. Mark your weekly calender, cause we're gonna have more listeners than ever!

B-Sides Presents Eva

It is with great pleasure that Chloe Harris and B-sides present to you, Eva! Scroll down for download links!

One word is necessary when describing the multi-talented, multifaceted, and quintessential EVA: Dangerous. An artist who’s taken DJing to places that most dream of while playing records in their bedroom, Eva has staked her claim in the international world of electronic music while remaining instrumental in the shaping of the northwest United States’ music scene. When behind the decks, this powerful presence can only be described as grabbing the dance floor by the balls, looking it in the eyes, and giving it one option – to paint the walls with sweat and wear holes through the soles of its shoes. Her music commands attention, breaks hearts, and is just so all-around nasty that it requires a written waiver releasing her of responsibility for all bodily harm caused by excessive dancing. Her record box is so full of mind-bending, forward thinking, and dominating music that it has been the cause, and the end, of relationships, political organizations, and the occasional war. With such obvious talent, it’s only logical that her genius has been lauded by an astonishingly intimidating list of heavy hitters like Felix Da Housecat and Kris Menace, to name a couple, and even instigated an invitation from UNKLE’s front man, James Lavelle, for an exclusive appearance at London’s infamous Fabric Live. Her capabilities have become so recognized that they’ve seen the breadth and the width of the globe, impregnating dance floors in Canada; South America; Europe; Hong Kong; Seoul, Korea; and Guangzhou and Shenyang, China.

EVA’s talent and dedication so permeates every part of her career that it’s no surprise that her production work has been seminal, to say the least, prompting yet another invitation from Lavelle – this time for a remix of UNKLE’s “Invasion,” featured on his “Global Underground, Romania” album. The attention gained from this much celebrated release brought more remix work in the form of a high- profile remix of Kelly Osbourne’s “One Word, Peter Juergen’s anthem “Love it “and “Builder” on Work it Baby Records, France. Loved and supported by everyone from Audiofly and Hernan Cattaneo to the Disco Boys who properly employed it to rock massive festivals, Time Warp and Mayday in Germany.

EVA’s burgeoning passion for what she does is such that it can’t be restricted to just the DJing and producing side of things. Eva’s insight into what makes music what it should be has put her in the spot of Music Director at edgy lifestyle publication, Vicious Magazine. But even this isn’t enough. EVA conceptualized and created her own global, music-publishing agency, Stay Gold Entertainment – an agency with a focus of licensing independent music for film, commercials, video games, and new media.

With a resume of accomplishments that could easily fill a set of Encyclopedia Britannica’s, it’s no wonder that many look to Eva for something different, something innovative, something iconic, and something of such superior quality as to be uncontested. – Evan Alexander

DJ Eva - Live at the See Sound Lounge

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sound. In Motion

so chloe pointed this out to me. see those black lines? those are pieces of vinyl. see that yellow thing? think of it as a locomotive following the tracks of the vinyl. it has a speaker on it, so you can listen to it travel. its very very very neat.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Chloe Harris - Snow

Download LINK!

New mix from our Queen!

B-Sides - Chloe Harris - Snow

01. Jonson - Electro Rain
02. Hibernation - Reflect
03. Oliver Lieb - Dimension X
04. Warp Technique - Softly Spoken Spell
05. Joachim Garraud - The Beginning
06. Jonson - Foretime
07. Ezekiel Honig - Broken Marching Band
08. Solar Fields - Self Transforming Experience First Movement
09. Oliver Lieb - Subsonic Interferences
10. Chymera - Umbrella (Beatless Mix)
11. Shigeto - May
12. Warp Technique - Softly Spoken Spell
13. Jonson - From Here To There
14. Ibiza Sunset - Sunrise Over The Ocean
15. Alex Rize - Elfsong (Minutiae Elfsongs Chillout Remix)
16. Raumzeit - Silent Dark
17. Jonson - Moon To Earth
18. Oliver Lieb - Spice Diving
19. Pulshar - No Meditation (Pablo Bolivar Solar Mix)
20. Mark Mitchell - Souls On Board (Ambient Mix)
21. Desert Dwellers - Stratosphere (Spacious Ambient Mix)
22. Koen Heeltap - Bee Change
23. Arcon 2 - Freefall
24. Denis Rusnak - Wuestenwind
25. Juzu aka Moochy - Sleeperz
26. Pal finger - Sonnensegel
27. Orbital Mover - Follow The Light